The Randolph Foundation Launches Official Web Site



The Randolph Foundation, a Georgia 501(c)3 organization which is dedicated to supporting disadvantaged single parents with 2 or more children, announces the launch of its official Web site,

“We are excited, as an organization, to be able to give back to our community”, said Richard Randolph, Founder/President of The Randolph Foundation.

In giving back, The Randolph Foundation will help single parents with The Metro Atlanta Area Annual Gala, The Bryce Randolph Scholarship, Families Against Disease Program and The House of Grace I, II & III.  The newly launched Web site offers complete background information about The Randolph Foundation, including an extensive photography gallery and schedule of events. The site will eventually feature testimonials from families that have been assisted.

Founded by Richard J. Randolph, The Randolph Foundation, based in Atlanta, Georgia, believes that “single parents are our least celebrated heroes.”  The Randolph Foundation has made it our initiative to help single parents and their children to have the necessities that will enable them to have a strong foundation for establishing stable and significant lives, lives where they can thrive educationally, socially, economically and spiritually.


“We’ve come to serve our community in a capacity where when we leave this earth, people will know that we were here.” – Richard J. Randolph –

Interested individuals and contributors can access The Randolph Foundation’s donation page to contribute through financial support for all projects. All donations are tax deductible.

About The Randolph Foundation

Founded in 2008 by Richard J. Randolph, The Randolph Foundation is a Georgia 501(c)3 organization dedicated to supporting disadvantaged single parents.  The Randolph Foundation’s goal is to provide services to families who have demonstrated a commitment to achieve stability and independence both socially and economically.  The foundation’s participation is through volunteer advocacy and its board members. It is supported by individual and corporate contributions. The Randolph Foundation can be found online at


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