Why Should Law Firms Care About Public Relations?

Law firms that still disregard public relations as a viable discipline that is not applicable to their profession are missing a vital component in business development and losing out on thousands of dollars. Bottom line public relations is really quite simple: its about building a reputation and maintaining that reputation. In other words, its “getting known, liked and trusted” in your target market.

Don’t believe me, just pick up any news paper and discover for yourself how CEOs of banks are being perceived these days. They are seen as corrupt, greedy, entitled and in some cases incompetent. Not much sympathy for the former masters of the universe.

For any successful business development PR has to be an essential component. Here are some reasons why attorneys, especially those who are revisiting their strategic business plans, should include it in their marketing mix:

1. Paid advertising increases name recognition; media relations increases credibility. People read a story, or view a new report on TV, in which, an attorney is quoted, he or she are automatically perceived as an expert.

2. Media coverage helps you attract quality prospects. Because public relations increases credibility, it helps you attract clients who want the best. When people/businesses have heard of firm’s name or a particular attorney, it is easier to attract and hold their attention while you tell them about your services.

3. Being quoted, having articles published on a regular basis, makes you a player in your field.

4. Obtaining coverage in important publications or on TV can make your organization
look much larger than it is. Don’t believe me? OK, be honest, when you see someone on TV, don’t you automatically assume that the attorney is with “big” law.

5. Public relations helps you avoid price competition. If the people in your target market believe that you are the best, they will understand why it is important to pay top dollar.

Finally, a public relations program stretches your business development budget. Because the media do not charge for news coverage, the relative cost of a good PR program is a lot less than that of paid media or a direct mail campaign.

Source: Paramjit L. Mahli

If you want more information concerning the importance of Public Relations for Law Firms, contact me at keisha@prominencemarketinggroup.com


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