Starsky Signs Artist Management Deal with O.N.E. Talent Agency

In addition to the representation of models in the NJ/NYC area, O.N.E. creates a new artist management division for unsigned artists

New York, NY. – March 29, 2010 – Original Not Equal Talent Agency expands its services by not only representing models, but musical talent as well. The new artist management division already has its first client; hip hop artist, Starsky. This New Jersey native signed with O.N.E. Artist Management Division, at the beginning of the year. Kelly Harper, co-founder of O.N.E. states, “We are proud to announce that Starsky is the first client within our artist management division. We’ve maintained a great relationship with Starsky for the past six years and felt it was time for some clear, direct leadership of his career as a hip hop artist. He’s the true definition of a lyrical artist.”

With messages in his music relating to people around the world, Starsky; born Shahid Thomas, is well aware of the effect his music has on thousands of hip hop fans overseas. In 2008, he traveled to Europe & happened to be on a mini-tour in Italy. “When I went over there [Europe], people already had my CD’s & t-shirts with my name on it. On my tour in Italy, I traveled to seven different locations and everybody knew my music, word for word. It sparked a light in me to provide more music to fans who appreciate conscious, real hip hop music,” Starsky reflects.

Artist Profile

Aptly known as The Voice of New Jersey, Starsky began writing and honing his lyrical skills at the young age of 12. Pulling influences from legendary artists Nas, Biggie, and Jay Z, Starsky released his first street album entitled Blast Fa Know in 2000. Moving over 30,000 units, Starsky took heed of the local buzz and widespread fan support to expand his music. Embarking on a mini-tour in Italy, Starsky soon realized the effects and interest American hip hop had on a fresh new demographic. His return to the US offered a whole new perspective on his global, innovative edge over his musical peers. With popularity behind his last album, Bottom Music Vol 1: New Jersey Resurrection, Starsky is currently working on a follow-up, Bottom Music Part 2: Leak Season.

About Original Not Equal:

Original Not Equal (O.N.E.) was founded in 2006 with a mission to bring quality talent back to the industry. In providing guidance and knowledge to an assortment of talents, O.N.E. has evolved into one of the top talent management agencies in New Jersey. O.N.E.’s agents are equipped with passion and awareness which aids to the success of their talents in this competitive industry. It is our mission to guide each of their unique talents on the path that leads to a long successful career in this ever changing business. For more information, please visit the agency website at or visit Twitter page


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