Dentists discuss the importance of social media

As a Dentist how do you view Social Media for your practice? Is it a benefit, is it Useless, or is it a Nuisance?

This question was posed in one of my linkedin groups. There was over 45 responses but I wanted to share 4 that caught my eye.

Joe• I just ran across some numbers that are staggering. Any dentist that is not in Social Media must be either very close to retirement or not interested in growing the practice. Look at these numbers:

One caveat… most folks are not treating social media as a SOCIAL medium. To succeed, the conversation must flow between the dentist and the patients. You seem to have the right idea here… asking questions that might gain some attention, then following up on the conversation to be truly helpful. If people are interested in what you have to offer, they will come calling.

Idelle • Facebook is definitely more popular than Twitter, as most patients join us there and maybe not even Twitter. Facebook is more familiar, visually more stimulating and I think user friendly. And if people need more info on anything, they can post it there, but usually they email us privately or call the office directly.

All this social media does take time. A blog is in the works, but presently I am devoting my time to a book proposal that I need to finish, and it can be impossible to keep up with everything. Newsletter goes out once a month. For now, I think its enough.

We have a holistic practice that attracts Fans who may never become patients, but are interested in what we have to say about health. It’s good validation that we are making a difference in the world.

Scott • I think you all make good points about social networking. I have heard of some great sites. The biggest one that I have not heard people talking about here is probably the most influential in todays society and that is YouTube. It is underutilized in our industry as a marketing tool and yet it has the greatest reach to our patient base which is the everyday person. Some of you have talked about developing trust and rapport with patients before they come into the office, a sort of familiarity so the patient is comfortable. No better way then posting a YouTube video on your website of you. the team, give a tour of the office and an explanation of what their patient experience will be like. Do it right and you can send your video through all the social mediums that have been mentioned. Remember the old saying “talk is cheap and seeing is believing.” So show them exactly what they are getting.

David  • Social media is an essential part of the marketing mix that can intensify the relationship between the consumer and the brand (in this case, a dental practice). It must be used and it must be used correctly. A lot of brands are involved in social media because it is perceived as necessary, but are not using social media in a way that will best benefit them.

With that said, please remember that social media is only one part of the marketing mix. All elements of the marketing mix must work harmoniously together. Even if a practice engages in social media well, if other aspects of the practice are askew, it will not matter that social media is done well.

Please contact Prominence Marketing Group to request information about our social media services.


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