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Prominence Marketing Group Investor Relations Services

Prominence Marketing Group Investor Relations division specializes in undervalued and emerging growth companies. Our staff along with your management team will help access your needs for an extensive investor awareness program. We will identify your current deficiencies in the market and fulfill those needs through our own extensive network of resources, databases, and expertise.

It is critical that investors watch companies grow and take part of each success. It is difficult for small but growing companies to attract the attention of the investment community because of the vast selection of publicly traded companies that are trading today.

We know as small cap companies its hard to gain visibility that is why we use Google, Bloomberg, CNBC, Zacks and other major financial media outlets to get the largest amount of qualified investors looking at your company. Our investor relations division not only focus on North America investors but we also include overseas investors when disseminating your company’s information. Our investor relations services are unlike any other IR firm in that we are not cookie cutter instead each investor relations program is based on the company’s growth stage and goals of the company.

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Art of Music Gifting Suite

Art of Music Gifting Suite for BET Hip Hop Awards

Atlanta, GA – Sept 20, 2010 – We want to send you a special invite to our luxury gifting suite we’re producing in Atlanta, GA again for 2010; in honor of the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards’ nominees and executive participants.  This is a private event to highlight the artists, producers, directors and professionals of the music industry.
This year our exclusive event will be held at a private venue celebrating the art and music of our generation. With this being our 2nd annual gifting event during the BET Hip-Hop Awards, we hope to see you this year! 

Last year some of our proud sponsors were: Diamond Watches from King Johnny’s Custom Jewelry, Microsoft Zune (HD Zunes), TITS Clothing Line, Gino Global Green, Status Vodka, Rockport Shoes, New Denim Company, New Era, Avvianne Jewelers,TKK Custom Sneakers, Source Magazine, Olympia Transportation and Concierge Services, The Jane Carter Solution, Goodgirl PR and many more!
This year we would love to present your company/brand with the hopes of forming a strategic partnership that will bridge us together on future events throughout the year. Providing you, the sponsor with the utmost atmosphere, you will have a chance to exhibit your product to our official
guest(s) along with unlimited photos opportunities for later use in your marketing and promotions endevors.

RSVP Requirments: 
PR’s: This year, we plan to take this event to the next level and would love to have your involvement. If you’re interested in having your client attend our event this year; please be sure to have your request submitted by Monday, Sept. 27, 2010. You may forward your request to

Media Credentials:
Last year our red carpet accommodated over 30+ media outlets and professionals and this year we want to see you on the red carpet. Please be sure to rsvp by Wednsday, Sept. 29, 2010 5:00pm. This will ensure you a prime spot on the red carpet so that you may effectively get that photo shot or interview you are hoping to receive. Send your email request to:

This Art of Music Gifting  Suite is a independent event being hosted soley by  SWAGGGirlicious NewsMag &  Ms. Drama Entertainment, LLC . We are not directly  affiliated with the official 2010 BET Hip Hop Award Show.

Luxury Gifting and Pampering Suite in Honor of the 2010 Soul Train Music Awards

Celebrities will indulge in an off-site celebrity gifting suite in honor of the 2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Atlanta, GA – September 9th, 2010- Atlanta based PR and marketing company, Prominence Marketing Group will produce a luxury gifting suite and pampering lounge  for celebrities and special guests attending the 2010 Soul Train Music Awards in Atlanta, GA.

The luxury pampering lounge and gifting suite will show appreciation to celebrity and specials guests associated with the Soul Train Music Awards and will allow sponsoring brands to market their products and/or services to a high-end clientele. Sponsoring brands will have an opportunity to get their products or demonstrate their service to celebrities, tastemakers, and those considered movers and shakers in the hip-hop community. There will be limitless photo, marketing and public relations opportunities.

For  sponsorship opportunities media credentials or celebrity RSVP, please contact


The lines between marketing and public relations are sometimes blurred. While both work to promote, there are significant differences between the two.


Marketing deals primarily with product awareness and promotion. Those involved with marketing work to promote a specific product or service a company or organization offers. Marketing professionals will concern themselves with the products the company provides, the customers and their needs, and are working to anticipate what the next product will be or how to promote it.

A marketing approach will work to sell a product rather than an organization by taking into consideration demand, competition, and how to get more people to purchase services or products.

An effective marketing plan will accomplish the following:

Define a target market in order to know who to promote the products towards.

Identify the customers and competitors. Knowing competitors and their strategies will help a company to stay ahead by remaining competitive.

Outline a strategy for attracting and keeping customers as well as identifying change.

Public Relations

While marketing deals with products, public relations will deal more with the company itself. A public relations professional is more concerned with the public’s view of the company and the company’s reputation rather than trying to get the public to purchase the products (although the two often go hand in hand – people who trust a company or organization are more likely to donate money to it or purchase services).

A public relations campaign will work to do the following:

  • Increase and maintain visibility and public awareness of an organization, company, or event
  • Help the public to see the organization as an industry leader
  • Increase awareness of the organization’s programs, products, and services throughout the community, state, country, or world
  • Help enhance and maintain the organization’s image
  • Support and organize efforts with regards to fundraising
  • Act as liaison and support in the event the organization experiences any negative publicity