The lines between marketing and public relations are sometimes blurred. While both work to promote, there are significant differences between the two.


Marketing deals primarily with product awareness and promotion. Those involved with marketing work to promote a specific product or service a company or organization offers. Marketing professionals will concern themselves with the products the company provides, the customers and their needs, and are working to anticipate what the next product will be or how to promote it.

A marketing approach will work to sell a product rather than an organization by taking into consideration demand, competition, and how to get more people to purchase services or products.

An effective marketing plan will accomplish the following:

Define a target market in order to know who to promote the products towards.

Identify the customers and competitors. Knowing competitors and their strategies will help a company to stay ahead by remaining competitive.

Outline a strategy for attracting and keeping customers as well as identifying change.

Public Relations

While marketing deals with products, public relations will deal more with the company itself. A public relations professional is more concerned with the public’s view of the company and the company’s reputation rather than trying to get the public to purchase the products (although the two often go hand in hand – people who trust a company or organization are more likely to donate money to it or purchase services).

A public relations campaign will work to do the following:

  • Increase and maintain visibility and public awareness of an organization, company, or event
  • Help the public to see the organization as an industry leader
  • Increase awareness of the organization’s programs, products, and services throughout the community, state, country, or world
  • Help enhance and maintain the organization’s image
  • Support and organize efforts with regards to fundraising
  • Act as liaison and support in the event the organization experiences any negative publicity



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