Prominence Marketing Group Investor Relations Services

Prominence Marketing Group Investor Relations division specializes in undervalued and emerging growth companies. Our staff along with your management team will help access your needs for an extensive investor awareness program. We will identify your current deficiencies in the market and fulfill those needs through our own extensive network of resources, databases, and expertise.

It is critical that investors watch companies grow and take part of each success. It is difficult for small but growing companies to attract the attention of the investment community because of the vast selection of publicly traded companies that are trading today.

We know as small cap companies its hard to gain visibility that is why we use Google, Bloomberg, CNBC, Zacks and other major financial media outlets to get the largest amount of qualified investors looking at your company. Our investor relations division not only focus on North America investors but we also include overseas investors when disseminating your company’s information. Our investor relations services are unlike any other IR firm in that we are not cookie cutter instead each investor relations program is based on the company’s growth stage and goals of the company.


Email your company’s interactive profile to an affiliated database of 50,000 investors. (Two sends per 30 days).

Produce an Investor Fact Sheet to be distributed weekly to a Prominence Marketing Group proprietary opt-in database of qualified OTC investors as well as to Prominence Marketing Group website subscribers. This Investor Fact Sheet includes relevant milestone updates, contract news, earnings/revenue growth updates, recent audio interviews, brief industry trends, and any financing news about your company.

Distribute all of your press releases, audio interviews, and market updates by email to Prominence Marketing Group’s double opt-in database of targeted investors.

Make introductions to market-makers, traders, broker-dealers and underwriters. Contact Prominence Marketing Group list of portfolio managers, traders, brokers, and analysts on your company’s behalf via email and telephone.

Facilitate company presentations to the investment community.

Provide Internet exposure on award winning and highly trafficked web sites, giving investors and participating brokers immediate access to your company’s corporate profile, news announcements, company SEC filings, and links to other top quality financial sites on the net. Company information will be added to Prominence Marketing Group and affiliates’ interactive portfolio websites.

Assist in writing and disseminating public information such as press releases and investor packets.

Provide Internet portfolio page for company updates, press releases, etc.

Write and distribute a client newsletter that will include recent news headlines and brief industry trends.

In addition, newsletters will be sent to the Prominence Marketing Group proprietary opt-in database of qualified investors and will be posted on the Prominence Marketing Group website.

Provide general financial public relations support to client. Please contact us for more information about our services.

Prominence Marketing Group
1-888-620-1408 ext. 2


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