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PMG offers Film & Movie Public Relations Services

Prominence Marketing Group is a public relations agency with an established reputation for excellence and for delivering professional services to our clients. We have a great team that has many years of experience, preparing and implementing a wide variety of strategically-targeted worldwide publicity campaigns. 

From the limited releases of independent films to worldwide studio releases, Prominence Marketing Group prides itself on the creation and execution of effective film campaigns rooted in extensive research and aimed at inspiring target audiences and demographics. Prominence Marketing Group will travel to locations around the globe, showcasing groundbreaking films to media outlets, opinion leaders and festivals.

Prominence Marketing Group primary aim is to create robust, targeted publicity campaigns. Each campaign offers unique challenges which are addressed individually with the client to ensure that the needs of distributors are addressed. Prominence Marketing Group’s extensive knowledge of media is used to maximize the often limited time available for interviews to meet the strategic objectives of the film’s overall publicity campaign.

Some of our services include:
v  Putting together interview schedules and itineraries
v  Coordinating the approvals process with actor’s and filmmaker’s  representatives
v  Arranging local press screenings
v  Recommending and booking hair stylists and make-up artists
v  Booking fixed television crews for junket interviews
v  Assigning senior personnel to travel with the film-team to ensure the smooth running of publicity tour
v  Unit publicity for films in production
v  Theatrical distribution publicity
v  Premiere and event media management
v  Awards show & Film Festival campaigns
v  Internet marketing Services
v  Social Media Campaigns
v  One Sheet/Movie Poster Creation
v  Strategic movie marketing plans
v  Movie website design & microsite development
v  Online PR and buzz generation
v  Search engine optimization
v  Online media buying
v  Pay per click keyword marketing
v  Viral & email marketing
v  Online contests
v  Social media buzz monitoring
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