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Is your company ready for PR Representation?


Before you hire a PR agency or public relations consultant to help you get publicity for your company, you’ll want to do a little self-assessment ahead of time to determine what you have to work with.

Spend an hour or two going over these questions with your management team and prepare a short list of answers.

When you come to an initial meeting with this information, you will impress the PR people you talk to and have a much more useful conversation with them.

They’ll be able to give you a much better idea of what they can do for you, what kind of results will be reasonable, and how much it will cost.


I. What do you have to work with?

Company News

1. What new product announcements are planned over the next six months?

2. Any new services (consulting. training, etc.)?

3. Are you changing the way you deliver products or services (such as moving to online training)?

4. Anything new with pricing?

5. Any new hires to the management team?

6. Planning to move to a new location?

7. Any new partnerships?

8. Any new deals?

9. Have you won any awards recently?


10. What are the current trends in your market? How do you fit in?

11. What current business trends are affecting your business? Are you outsourcing? Feeling the effects of a market recovery or recession?



12. Is anyone in your company considered an industry expert? What is their area of expertise?

13. Who at your company is blogging?

14. Who is tweeting?

15. Who manages your Facebook page?

16. Who is responsible for your company’s presence on LinkedIn and other social networks?

17. Do you have anyone creating podcasts or videos?


18. Do you have any relatively new case studies? For what companies? What kind of results did they achieve with your software?

19. Do you have any users at large or well-known companies who are willing to be quoted?

20. Is there anything unusual about any of your users?

21. Is any user doing something different or unusual with your software?

22. Is there anything highly visual about the way people use your software? Or what they do before or after using the software?

23. If you analyzed the purchase patterns of your users, would that show anything interesting?


Education Strategy

24. Is there a topic about which you are trying to educate the market? Do you advocate a particular strategy or point of view?



25. Is there anything unusual or quirky about your founder, president, or management team? This could include their background, hobbies, where they live, what kind of car they drive, their work style, etc.

26. Do you have any unusual employees (background, hobbies, etc.)?

27. If you have investors, are any well-known or unusual?

28. Is there anything unusual about the way you run the company? The perks you offer staff?

29. Do you do anything unusual for holidays?

30. Are there any topics (not software or business-related) about which you feel strongly?


Giving Back

31. Do you do anything to support the local community? Contribute to or volunteer at charities?


II. Where do you want to get publicity?

· What websites are most influential in your market?

· What blogs?

· What newspapers?

· What newsletters?

· What e-mail newsletters?

· What magazines?

· What online communities/social networks?

· What columnists?

· What radio or TV shows?

· What analysts?

· Who else matters in your market?

III. What are your goals for your PR effort?

· Are you looking for lead generation?

· Sales?

· Recruiting?

· Impress partners?

· Build a channel?

· Investors?

· Partners?


IV. In what time frame do you need to see results?

– As soon as possible

– 6-12 months

– 12-24 months

– Ongoing




ABC’s of Marketing & Branding

Keisha McCotry of Prominence Marketing Group tapped to speak at the Peachtree Village International Film Festival

Keisha McCotry of Prominence Marketing Group will speak on the ABC’s of Marketing and Branding Panel during the Peachtree Village International Film Festival

August 15, 2011- Atlanta, GA – Keisha McCotry, author of PR 101-Small Business Guide to PR and owner of Prominence Marketing Group, will transport film industry executives into the world of marketing and branding at the 2011 Peachtree Village International Film Festival. McCotry will be part of an all-star panel that will cover how anyone can use marketing and branding to quickly build influential networks and become recognized as industry leaders.

“I’m extremely excited to speak on a panel with so many well respected industry leaders,” says McCotry. “Marketing and branding is extremely important for everyone in this industry and I look forward to sharing my knowledge.”

Register online at For questions regarding the festival, contact Autumn Bailey at
About Peachtree Village International Film Festival
PVIFF attracts 5,000+ people each year from around the world. PVIFF was created in 2006 under the previous name (Sweet Auburn International Film Festival) and has served as the launching pad for many successful filmmakers and other artists alike in the film & entertainment industry. This dynamic film festival showcases feature length films, shorts, music videos, documentaries, and screenplays from around the globe. PVIFF also feature celebrity attractions, innovative workshops, panels, parties, and much more. PVIFF is one of the most celebrated film events through dynamic programming and a dedication to helping filmmakers excel in their careers.

About Keisha McCotry
Merging eminent determination, with resilient perseverance, Keisha McCotry, is moving by leaps and bounds as a sought-after Public Relations guru by way of Prominence Marketing Group. As an exceptional communicator and voice for the corporate & entertainment industry, Ms. McCotry has leveraged her company as an anchor to eagerly propel the movement of Public Relations firms. Keisha is a public relations graduate of Mississippi State University and holds a Masters of Business Administration from Strayer University. For additional background information or to schedule an interview, visit or call 866-620-1408.

Prominence Marketing Group Now Hiring

Social Media Intern
Prominence Marketing Group  is looking for a creative intern tapped into social media with excellent communication skills, workable HTML/CSS knowledge and a passion for creating online communities.

Is Mashable your homepage? Do you want to create engaging content that will keep users coming back for more? Are you a master of WordPress? Prominence Marketing Group  is looking for someone to grow its social media presence, update our website, and foster a community around test taking and preparation.

• Manage the expansion Prominence Marketing Group  social media sites
• Researching shareable content of interest to users
• Staying up to date on the latest topics relevant to public relations
• Monitoring Prominence Marketing Group online reputation on online forums and message boards
• Contribute strategic ideas for using social media to engage customers
• Track traffic, tweets, web analytics
• Post and modify WordPress templates

• Pursuing a degree in communications, marketing, public relations
• Experience with social media tools, including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, WordPress blogging, Tumblr (send links)
• Excellent written communication skills (please send samples of non-academic writing)
• Ability to multitask
• Independent go-getter
• An understanding of community building versus brand building

Click link to apply
Public Relations Business Development Manager

Job Description

·         Actively increasing client portfolio through targeted sales activities

·         Actively maintaining and strengthening high-level of repeat contracts

·         Developing communication proposals tailored to PMG policy priorities and PR strategies of major industry consultancies

·          Business Development within PR / Marketing / Communications Agencies

·         Develop a sales plan to meet individual contributor quota targets

·         Conduct Business Development activities to meet quota targets

·         Identifying target accounts – PR Agencies in the US & Europe

·         Designing and implementing campaigns to penetrate these accounts

·         Ensure overall deal closure and account growth

·         Account/Relationship management to grow revenue in key accounts

·          Collaborate and coordinate with Sales, Presales, Marketing and Project Execution teams



Relationship Workshop with Dr. Alduan Tartt


Remember when you used to date weekly, stay on the phone until midnight, and make love just because…? Now, it “feels” like the connection is gone, you argue too much or keep getting stuck with the same issues month after month! Here’s one quick fix (I’ll share all of them in the seminar).

You need to engage in “Love-Mapping“. This is the first phase of couples therapy/coaching where where you and your partner ask each other open-ended questions (questions you desire your partner to ask you)to reconnect and bond again. You’ll never agree if you’ve lost the connection you once had.

For instance:

1) “What are your biggest opportunities right now?”
2) “Where do you wish to travel before you die and why?”
3) “Who are your three best friends right now?”
4) “Who are your three biggest enemies right now?”
5) “What one big opportunity are you thinking about taking a chance on in the next 90 days?”
6) “What is your dream career and why?
7) “What’s one thing I can do to make you have more fun in life?”

Get the point? Once you open up to one another again you will build the bridge back to each other’s hearts. Here are the rules, only one person can talk with no interruption (except to gain clarity or learn more) and you take turns asking the questions one at a time.

Look out for more tools and SIGN UP TODAY and remember to tell your friends and families to sign up at

We will have fun and experience so much relief knowing that we finally have a blueprint for how to get through conflict, re-connect, stop arguing and start love-making again.

Get more information and/or sign up now at

Press Release Writing Service

Prominence Marketing Group
Press Release Writing Service

News can be presented many ways, but finding the right way is difficult if you don’t have the proper writing skills. A well-written press release is key to successfully communicating your message. Let a Prominence Marketing Group professional writer create your important press releases to the media and the public. Prominence Marketing Group can create a low-cost customized one-page professional press release for your business. Our service includes:

  • 60 hours or less turnaround time
  • Revision of the press release (1)
  • Fee and Cost : USD $400.00

Getting Started

Send an email to with the name and URL (web address) of your business, a brief description of the content of the press release, and any other relevant information.

One of our professional writers will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your information, ask any necessary follow-up questions, and provide payment details.


After drafting your press release, not sure if your press release are good enough? Let our Prominence Marketing Group Press Release Professionals edit, proofread, and polish it for you at the lowest price on the web.
Note: This service is only for already-written press releases. We will not add or remove any content from your release; we will just give it a professional touch. We understand that press releases are carefully written to convey a specific message, so our changes will not unduly alter the content or tone of your text.

Fee: USD $250.00

How does Prominence Marketing Group Press Release Editing work?

The ordering process is very simple. First, you need to send us your press release via email in MS Word format to

Press Release Requirement:
Press Release should be less than 400 words for best result.
For press releases over 400 words, we will give you an estimation for your release.
Only in MS Word format. We cannot modify PDFs.

Contact us at