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Press Release Writing Service

News can be presented many ways, but finding the right way is difficult if you don’t have the proper writing skills. A well-written press release is key to successfully communicating your message. Let a Prominence Marketing Group professional writer create your important press releases to the media and the public. Prominence Marketing Group can create a low-cost customized one-page professional press release for your business. Our service includes:

  • 60 hours or less turnaround time
  • Revision of the press release (1)
  • Fee and Cost : USD $400.00

Getting Started

Send an email to with the name and URL (web address) of your business, a brief description of the content of the press release, and any other relevant information.

One of our professional writers will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your information, ask any necessary follow-up questions, and provide payment details.


After drafting your press release, not sure if your press release are good enough? Let our Prominence Marketing Group Press Release Professionals edit, proofread, and polish it for you at the lowest price on the web.
Note: This service is only for already-written press releases. We will not add or remove any content from your release; we will just give it a professional touch. We understand that press releases are carefully written to convey a specific message, so our changes will not unduly alter the content or tone of your text.

Fee: USD $250.00

How does Prominence Marketing Group Press Release Editing work?

The ordering process is very simple. First, you need to send us your press release via email in MS Word format to

Press Release Requirement:
Press Release should be less than 400 words for best result.
For press releases over 400 words, we will give you an estimation for your release.
Only in MS Word format. We cannot modify PDFs.

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