Relationship Workshop with Dr. Alduan Tartt


Remember when you used to date weekly, stay on the phone until midnight, and make love just because…? Now, it “feels” like the connection is gone, you argue too much or keep getting stuck with the same issues month after month! Here’s one quick fix (I’ll share all of them in the seminar).

You need to engage in “Love-Mapping“. This is the first phase of couples therapy/coaching where where you and your partner ask each other open-ended questions (questions you desire your partner to ask you)to reconnect and bond again. You’ll never agree if you’ve lost the connection you once had.

For instance:

1) “What are your biggest opportunities right now?”
2) “Where do you wish to travel before you die and why?”
3) “Who are your three best friends right now?”
4) “Who are your three biggest enemies right now?”
5) “What one big opportunity are you thinking about taking a chance on in the next 90 days?”
6) “What is your dream career and why?
7) “What’s one thing I can do to make you have more fun in life?”

Get the point? Once you open up to one another again you will build the bridge back to each other’s hearts. Here are the rules, only one person can talk with no interruption (except to gain clarity or learn more) and you take turns asking the questions one at a time.

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We will have fun and experience so much relief knowing that we finally have a blueprint for how to get through conflict, re-connect, stop arguing and start love-making again.

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