What makes a good publicist?

ImageWhat makes a good publicist?

Good publicists can be seen as “image doctors,” that create the image of their client that their demographic wants to see, and then broadcasts this image to the public through mass media. PR starts at the root, and what many businesses do not understand is that a publicist not only talks to the media on their behalf, but they also provide great insight into how to brand a client so that they are instantly more appealing to the demographic- i.e. work with the branding team to make sure the logo and collateral materials all reflect the image that the public would be most reactive to (this is especially true for new businesses).


When hiring a publicist there are many qualities a brand needs to look for that besides “being social and like-able,” include:

  • Exceptional writing skills– when communicating your messages with people that write for a living -the journalists- those press releases and pitches better ALWAYS be spic and span
  • Highly creative– journalists get 100’s of emails a day, so mass mailing of a press release in order to get their attention simply won’t do
  • Highly organized– with 1000’s of journalist contacts to keep track of, a publicist needs to know exactly who they are communicating with and when
  • Excellent taste– in order to create the perfect image for a client, a publicist needs to have great taste and visual talents to make sure the physical image reflects the whole concept of the campaign

Keep these things in mind when hiring a publicist and if all the qualities are there- you are guaranteed

SOURCE: http://lerpr.com/blog/2010/so-what-is-pr-and-what-makes-a-good-publicist/


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