Analyze PR results and identify opportunities to outdo competitors

The Measurement Minute

If you’ve watched any coverage of the 2012 Olympics you may have noticed that the athletes rely on some pretty advanced equipment to give them every available competitive angle. Things like uniforms, shoes and helmets have evolved to be lighter, stronger, and more aerodynamic. Clearly athletes understand the tools they use impact how they perform, and that they need to take advantage of anything that will potentially put them ahead of competitors. This concept translates well to PR. No, I’m not suggesting PR pros show up for work decked out in spandex Nike attire, there are other ways to get ahead in the PR world. Instead, I recommend measuring and analyzing PR results to help identify opportunities to get ahead of competitors.

In my last post I shared four steps for using measurement to beat competitors. They are:

Step 1: Monitor and compare coverage – be sure PR is in…

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