Prominence Marketing Group welcomes KeraVada



Our lightly scented Ayurvedic oils and conditioners will immediately leave your hair shinier, healthier, and full of body. KeraVada oils are infused with the best organic herbs fresh from the rolling fields of India. We use the traditional indian method that has been widely used throughout India for thousands of years. Our methods naturally create robust oils, rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins that increase the growth and thickness of your hair.

Known throughout the centuries for their ability to dramatically moisturize the hair shaft, Amla, Brahmi, and Bhringraj, along with our exclusive nourishing herb complex, are slowly infused into a balanced mix of pure coconut, olive and GrapeSeed oils. KeraVada concentrated oils are sure to invigorate your tresses and have an immediate impact on your hair with your first use.

No Junk, all Natural:
You will appreciate that we proudly use no mineral oil, vegetable oil, waxes, or other fillers that leave a messy buildup or clog your scalp. You may choose from a wide range of popular lightly fragrance products or go naked with our unscented version. Designed for all hair types, Kera Vada oils are the decadent treat your hair has been waiting for.



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