SNAP2LIVE Partners with YOURS


Snap2Live announces that it has join forces with YOURS (Youth for Road Safety), a unique global youth-led organization that acts to make the world’s roads safe for young people, to promote road safety. Snap2Live is giving YOURS $10 profit from each belt sold when supports enter “YOURS” in the support code box. The profits will go towards YOURS’ work around the world; improving road safety for young people.

The Snap2Live belt a one-size fits all belt that can be purchased in a variety of colors. With the purchase of this belt, people are committing to the cause and becoming an advocate for road safety. The packaging has been carefully designed to be an informational piece giving the user quick and easy to learn facts to become an active supporter of the awareness campaign. Wearing the belt itself is a reminder of people’s commitment to road safety and an eye catching accessory that will engage others.

Social Entrepreneur, Do-gooder Ernesto Arguello created the Snap2Live belt to spread awareness on the “United Nations decade of action for Road Safety.” Snap2Lives inspired fashion accessory engages brand enthusiast to become vocal supporters of the campaign, helping save millions of lives and raise funds for the same mission.

“More than ever, we need to get more people involved and supporting the cause of motor safety. We’re excited about this incredible partnership and having an opportunity to work with YOURS,” says Ernesto Arguello, Creator of Snap2Live.
Join the conversation on Twitter @SNAP2LIVE @YOURS_YforRS Hashtag #SNAP2LIVE #SocialGood

About Snap2Live

Snap2Live belts were designed to raise awareness on a global phenomenon: Road Crashes. Upon hearing that, “road crashes are the leading cause of death among youth,” Snap2Live founder, Ernesto Arguello felt compelled to do something. In an effort to support the, “United Nations decade of action for Road Safety” Snap2Live pledges 70% of the profits to the Road Safety Fund, which includes donations for the UN’s work in road safety and to create safe, affordable communities in developing countries. Utilizing his background as both an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ernesto is fashionably bringing attention to the fact that over a million people are dying every year on the world’s road and that together, we can do something about it. For further information, visit

YOURS is the first ever global youth-led non-governmental organization for road safety operating since 2009. It was born out of the first UN World Youth Assembly for Road Safety 2007 organized by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Economic Committee for Europe bringing together 400 youth delegates to discuss the global problem of road crashes. YOURS operates on three strategic pillars networking and sharing, developing capacities of young people and advocating for youth and road safety issues. Projects conducted by YOURS include road safety workshops training young people to become successful youth advocates, (co-)organizing regional youth assemblies for road safety and creating international advocacy campaigns such as the World Crossing Campaign. YOURS also has a growing global youth network on road safety and started mapping youth activities for road safety since early 2011 in the MINE section. YOURS is also an official member of the United Nations Road Safety collaboration. For further information, visit



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