SNAP2LIVE Partners with StreetSafe


Snap2Live announces that it has joined forces with StreetSafe, a program that emphasizes the importance of parental involvement in young driver education & incorporates interactive discussion about road safety. They also provide young drivers with four hours behind the wheels course. Snap2Live, a lifesaving fashion statement, has specified sales to benefit StreetSafe, a lifesaving driving experience to support NC teen driving initiatives.

Social Entrepreneur, Ernesto Arguello, created the Snap2Live belt to raise awareness on the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety.  Snap2Live belts engage brand enthusiast to become vocal supporters of the campaign, helping save millions of lives and raise funds for the same mission.

The unique, “style with purpose” belt, is a one-size fits all belt that can be purchased in a variety of colors. With the purchase of this belt, people are committing to the cause and becoming an advocate for road safety. StreetSafe operates on a monthly basis, reaching over 10,000 young drivers every year. Through this partnership, the innovative, unique, and effective driver’s education program, StreetSafe, now has a symbol to unite their teen drivers throughout North Carolina.

Purchase your Snap2Live belt at, enter the support code “StreetSafe” and $10 of every belt sold will go to support StreetSafe’s NC teen driving initiatives.


About Snap2Live

Snap2Live belts were designed to raise awareness on a global phenomenon: Road Crashes. Upon hearing that road crashes are the leading cause of death among youth, Snap2Live founder, Ernesto Arguello felt compelled to do something. In an effort to support the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety, Snap2Live pledges 70% of the profits to the Road Safety Fund and to create safe, affordable communities in developing countries. Utilizing his background as both an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ernesto is fashionably bringing attention to the fact that over a million people are dying every year on the world’s road and that together, we can do something about it. For more information, visit


About StreetSafe

StreetSafe, founded in 1999, operates on a monthly basis in 14 counties across North Carolina, and hosts sessions for high schools in several states, reaching over 10,000 young drivers every year. StreetSafe puts young drivers behind the wheel of a car in a controlled environment where they experience the consequences of distractions, losing control, impaired driving, safe stopping distant and the importance of seatbelt use.  For more information visit


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