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Prominence Marketing Group Public Relations Accelerator Program


It’s a phrase I hear over and over again from many brands — “I’d love to hire someone to launch our publicity campaign professionally, but we can’t afford it, so I’m just going to have to do it on my own.” Prominence Marketing Group understands that every growing company cannot afford a 5K-10K monthly public relations retainer.

Using PR as a marketing tool also allows you to gain credibility for your business. Reason being, PR presents people with information from a third party. We are much more likely to trust positive coverage about companies that we read in a newspaper, magazine, or on an online press release. Compare that to the only alternative that will reach the same volume of audience, such as using television, billboards, radio or other advertising methods. When you compare the two, you can see why more and more businesses are starting to develop PR strategies.

Overall, developing a successful PR strategy is fundamental in taking businesses to the next level. It provides the following benefits:

-It provides a vital role in promoting businesses to their customers.
-When done correctly, it can often provide a greater result than advertising, whilst costing less.
-It allows you to quickly respond to opportunities within publicity.
-If you ever experience bad press, having a solid PR strategy in place will reduce the damage caused.
-It can improve the overall image of a company within the community.

The Prominence Marketing Group Public Relations Accelerator Program awards one brand per quarter with public relations support at half the cost.  To be considered for the PMG Public Relations Accelerator Program, please click here.


Prominence Marketing Group welcomes Own the Zone Golf


When it comes to your swing, how often have you been told, “Just let it happen?” Every golfer wants to do this but unless you learn how, you’ll end up using too much effort and getting frustrated.

The “Own the Zone 7-day program for Golf” will teach you how “to let it happen” in two ways. First, you’re going to learn about your specific personality traits and what you can do to make them work for you instead of getting in your way.

Then you’ll learn how to get into the Zone for longer and longer periods of time through Hypnosis techniques.

Once you go through all seven days of the program, you’ll forget how to swing with effort. You’ll learn how to relax your body, focus precisely on each target, and you’ll experience how easy it is to “just let it happen” when you swing. Finally, you’ll know what those words really mean.

For more information visit

Public Relations Support for @TheRugShow 2014!


The Rug Show is a non-profit industry association comprised of producers, importers and wholesalers whose primary aim is to better promote and expand the collective interests of our industry. By bringing together a consortium of different rug industry businesspersons – particularly from North America – to develop promotional ideas, stage events and expand positive exposure for our wares across the globe, The Rug Show will develop marketing tools, promote member brands and expand mutually beneficial connections across the industry.

Need help booking press appointments & interviews during therugshow? Contact or complete form below:

*Prominence Marketing Group is a independent public relations firm 

Free Public Relations Website Analysis


Prominence Marketing Group is offering a professional evaluation of your website, SEO and rankings 100% free of charge! Web PR is extremely important. Your website should attract journalists and site visitors.

Prominence Marketing Group welcomes Buckley K

IMG_1996 (1)

Buckley K began with a love for travel and a big idea: while traveling and visiting family living in Cairo we imagined the go-to pieces we wished we had in our suitcases…staples we could wear anywhere and everywhere. We quit our day jobs and launched Buckley K to bring them to life.

Buckley K is a family business, a collaboration between two sisters – Anne Kennedy Dotson and Sarah Kennedy.  It is the realization of a dream we have long shared to start a business together based on our love for adventure, our passion for design and our experiences traveling throughout the United States and abroad.

We began our adventures as kids, when our Air Force family moved from the Midwest to the Phillipines. Since then, we have enjoyed the great fortune of living and traveling in fascinating and often unexpected places. We are not sure when or where but we fell in love with wandering the world.

No matter the destination – a cozy café in Paris, an idyllic beach in Australia, or a desert oasis in the Middle East – we have been inspired by and curious about local style and fashion.

SNAP2LIVE Launches into Mexico


This Spring, Snap2Live announces its partnership with Mexico’s renowned concept store, Common People. Snap2Live’s unique, ‘Style with Purpose’ brand message will be launched in Mexico City. The collaboration benefits Snap2Live’s efforts to raise awareness on the # 1 killer of youth in the world: Road Crashes.

Social Entrepreneur, Do-gooder Ernesto Arguello created the Snap2Live belt to spread awareness on the “United Nations decade of action for Road Safety.” Snap2Lives inspired fashion accessory engages brand enthusiast to become vocal supporters of the campaign, helping save millions of lives and raise funds for the same mission.

“I’m thrilled to have Common People as a partner. We are so grateful for their involvement with Snap2live’s life saving fashion accessory,” said Ernesto. “It’s exciting that we’re able to come together in such a cool and creative way to bring attention to the importance of safe roads for everyone!”

The Snap2live belts, which feature the UN decade of action logo are unisex, one size fits all and come in a variety of colors.

Snap2Live is co-hosting a launch event to celebrate the new partnership with Common People. The event will be held:

March 27th at 8pm
Common People
Emilio Castelar 149
Colonia Polanco
Mexico City, Mexico

Join the conversation on Twitter @SNAP2LIVE @CommonPeopleMex Hashtag #SNAP2LIVE #SocialGood

About Snap2Live

Snap2Live belts were designed to raise awareness on a global phenomenon: Road Crashes. Upon hearing that, “road crashes are the leading cause of death among youth,” Snap2Live founder, Ernesto Arguello felt compelled to do something. In an effort to support the, “United Nations decade of action for Road Safety” Snap2Live pledges 70% of the profits to the Road Safety Fund, which includes donations for the UN’s work in road safety and to create safe, affordable communities in developing countries. Utilizing his background as both an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ernesto is fashionably bringing attention to the fact that over a million people are dying every year on the world’s road and that together, we can do something about it. For further information, visit

About Common People

Common People is a concept store created by Monika Biringer and Max Feldman in January 2010 as an initiative of contemporary character that seeks to awaken in every consumer desire for uniqueness through creative, eclectic and timeless combination of multicultural elements and all seasons. Common People is the representation of a world united through the feelings and sensitivities found in all products and services offered.

For further information, visit

Keisha McCotry
Prominence Marketing Group

::MEDIA ALERT:: Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Guy & Gallard


Date: 3/19/2014

Time: 9:00 AM-6:30 PM

What: Guy & Gallard celebrates National Nutrition Month with a special media preview of their specialty foods with a tour of Guy & Gallard
* interviews with managing partner of Guy & Gallard available upon request

Where:  Guy & Gallard, 240 W 40th (W 40th St. between 7th Ave. & 8th Ave.)

About Guy and Gallard:
Guy & Gallard serves specialty foods and coffees that are free from synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and other additives. Our philosophy is to serve our customers the best and more nutritious food possible. The selection is impressive too — there are always fish dishes, chicken or pasta options available, as well as several fresh vegetables in addition to the standard soups, sandwiches, and salads. Guy and Gallard is committed to serving the best, healthiest and most natural foods available at one of our 11 convenient Manhattan locations.  For more information visit on the web and on Twitter

About National Nutrition Month:
National Nutrition Month® is a nutrition education and information campaign sponsored annually by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign is designed to focus attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. NNM also promotes the Academy and its members to the public and the media as the most valuable and credible source of timely, scientifically based food and nutrition information

Media RSVP Contact:
Keisha McCotry
Prominence Marketing Group

Natural Hair | REVIEW: @KeraVada Herbal Oil Treatment



Prominence Marketing Group welcomes KeraVada



Our lightly scented Ayurvedic oils and conditioners will immediately leave your hair shinier, healthier, and full of body. KeraVada oils are infused with the best organic herbs fresh from the rolling fields of India. We use the traditional indian method that has been widely used throughout India for thousands of years. Our methods naturally create robust oils, rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins that increase the growth and thickness of your hair.

Known throughout the centuries for their ability to dramatically moisturize the hair shaft, Amla, Brahmi, and Bhringraj, along with our exclusive nourishing herb complex, are slowly infused into a balanced mix of pure coconut, olive and GrapeSeed oils. KeraVada concentrated oils are sure to invigorate your tresses and have an immediate impact on your hair with your first use.

No Junk, all Natural:
You will appreciate that we proudly use no mineral oil, vegetable oil, waxes, or other fillers that leave a messy buildup or clog your scalp. You may choose from a wide range of popular lightly fragrance products or go naked with our unscented version. Designed for all hair types, Kera Vada oils are the decadent treat your hair has been waiting for.


Public Relations Branding for Luxury Goods


“One Size Fits All” is true in some areas, but that’s definitely not true in the world of luxury goods. Getting that information out about specialty brands is incredibly important. And it’s just as untrue that public relations groups fit every size. For different types of companies, a different public relations team is necessary and with a team skilled in marketing for luxury goods, there may just be a perfect match.

Some of the capabilities to look for in any luxury public relations include the ability to generate good media coverage. That means not only conveying your brand identity in the best way possible in the communications put out to the media, but choosing the right places for these messages to appear and a specialized public relations agency will have those connections in place. Having strong branding initiatives is also important, as a luxury brand’s products gain as much value from their messaging as from the product itself.

For luxury goods, the products are made to be seen, which is why any public relations firm dealing with said products should be prepared to handle a variety of events. That can mean film premieres, fashion shows, openings and launches for people, places or products, and even charity benefits. Events create public spectacle perfect for generating interest and capturing a brand’s essence.

In this day and age, any public relations firm should also be equipped to handle crises that occur at a moment’s notice, and frequently that occurs online, which is why online reputation management is also a key feature to look for.

Managing the public face of a company is a complicated task, both to make it effectively convey a brand’s identity and to keep that identity consistent. With experienced luxury product public relations professionals, you can be assured that your product is being represented in a way that is unique in the marketplace that is sure to be to your benefit.