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Prominence Marketing Group Public Relations Accelerator Program


It’s a phrase I hear over and over again from many brands — “I’d love to hire someone to launch our publicity campaign professionally, but we can’t afford it, so I’m just going to have to do it on my own.” Prominence Marketing Group understands that every growing company cannot afford a 5K-10K monthly public relations retainer.

Using PR as a marketing tool also allows you to gain credibility for your business. Reason being, PR presents people with information from a third party. We are much more likely to trust positive coverage about companies that we read in a newspaper, magazine, or on an online press release. Compare that to the only alternative that will reach the same volume of audience, such as using television, billboards, radio or other advertising methods. When you compare the two, you can see why more and more businesses are starting to develop PR strategies.

Overall, developing a successful PR strategy is fundamental in taking businesses to the next level. It provides the following benefits:

-It provides a vital role in promoting businesses to their customers.
-When done correctly, it can often provide a greater result than advertising, whilst costing less.
-It allows you to quickly respond to opportunities within publicity.
-If you ever experience bad press, having a solid PR strategy in place will reduce the damage caused.
-It can improve the overall image of a company within the community.

The Prominence Marketing Group Public Relations Accelerator Program awards one brand per quarter with public relations support at half the cost.  To be considered for the PMG Public Relations Accelerator Program, please click here.


SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ Displays Exquisite Capsule Collection


Sophistication, Fashion & Bravura was the atmosphere for the preview of SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ fall/winter 2014 Capsule Collection, held March 18th at Studio 4 in New York, NY. The invite-only affair hosted a bevy of prominent fashion aficionados & media. Guest enjoyed the display of the wonderful Capsule Collection worn by SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ model and sipped drinks provided by Milagro Tequila.

The Capsule Collection draws inspiration from Nostalgic New York meets contemporary design. As homage to New York, the Capsule Collection boosts functional yet subtly lush pieces inspired by the everlasting New York culture. The capsule assortment of outerwear pieces utilize cashmere wool blends, leather trimmings, high collars and exuberant fur finishes to display a story intended to encapsulate the metropolitan man’s seasonal necessities.

“Understanding that our consumer has an already well-endowed closet, we wanted to introduce a capsule of distinct pieces which enriched their wardrobe,” says Preston Williams, Creative Director of SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ.

Sponsors of the SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ fall/winter 2014 Capsule Collection preview included: Emerging fashion photographer Jesus Baez, BOSS Models, Milagro Tequila, and Angel Naula Furniture.

To join the conversation on Twitter follow @ShermanPreston and use hashtag #shermanpreston

SHERMAИ|PRESTOИ is a contemporary tailored brand conceptualized for the metropolitan man. Distilled in the culture of New York, the label emphasizes the importance of impeccable style and fit. The brand set out to engineer a label enriching the modern man’s wardrobe and personifying his environment. The outcome is a brand valuing personal gratification and cemented in integrity, pride and self-worth. For more information visit

Prominence Marketing Group welcomes KeraVada



Our lightly scented Ayurvedic oils and conditioners will immediately leave your hair shinier, healthier, and full of body. KeraVada oils are infused with the best organic herbs fresh from the rolling fields of India. We use the traditional indian method that has been widely used throughout India for thousands of years. Our methods naturally create robust oils, rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins that increase the growth and thickness of your hair.

Known throughout the centuries for their ability to dramatically moisturize the hair shaft, Amla, Brahmi, and Bhringraj, along with our exclusive nourishing herb complex, are slowly infused into a balanced mix of pure coconut, olive and GrapeSeed oils. KeraVada concentrated oils are sure to invigorate your tresses and have an immediate impact on your hair with your first use.

No Junk, all Natural:
You will appreciate that we proudly use no mineral oil, vegetable oil, waxes, or other fillers that leave a messy buildup or clog your scalp. You may choose from a wide range of popular lightly fragrance products or go naked with our unscented version. Designed for all hair types, Kera Vada oils are the decadent treat your hair has been waiting for.


Avoid Costly PR Mistakes In Your Small Business

Some of the top CEOs in the world have come under fire recently due to PR mistakes in their  companies. While PR is a critical aspect for any business – helping to shape how  the public views a company – it can very often make or break a small business.  Here are some vital tips to heed to avoid costly PR mistakes of your own:

  • Don’t dismiss bloggers. Blogging is the new media and the  number of influential bloggers is growing daily. More and more people are  turning to blogs to garner information on the people and companies they do  business with. If you have (or want) a blogger interested in your business or  products, you need to spend time fostering that relationship. For a small  business, this can be done in simple ways such as liking the blogger’s Facebook  page, interacting with him or her on Twitter and sharing or posting comments on  their content on an ongoing basis (not just when you want them to pay attention  to you). A blogger scorned can make for very bad PR.
  • Writing a press release isn’t enough. Press releases can be  an effective way to get the media interested in whatever your business is doing.  But just writing one isn’t enough – it will take a little homework on your end  to get to know the reporters that cover your business area and why they  would/should/could be interested in reading your news. Be sure you read what  they write on a regular basis, understand how your news might fit into that “beat” and provide them with an angle that is compelling to their readers  specifically.
  • Trust your PR agency. Public relations agencies get paid to  help their clients and are attune to handling situations that might be new to  you. The best ones will never give bad or ill-timed advice and if you have invested in them – assuming you went through a strategic process to choose them – you need to let  them do the job you hired them to do. Listen to what they say, ensure they  aren’t “yes men” (they should push back and/or question the status quo) and  create a partnership with them. Agency relationships fail when clients  hire experts and then try to control every aspect of what they do, rather than  trusting their counsel.
  • Have a plan. You cannot control everything – but you can  plan for most things. Have a strategic communications plan with clear goals, and  also plan for the inevitable crisis so that if it happens, you can react  appropriately. Too many companies fail to properly and swiftly address a crisis – including clear messages to its customers as well as the media – and suffer  the consequences for it, which can include losing trust from your most valuable  constituents.
  • Don’t fail to invest. I don’t mean investing capital to  start your business; I mean investing in your brand on an ongoing basis.  Updating photography and sales media are two very simple ways to  invest in your brand.
  • Know your company’s marketing goals. You have to know and  understand your marketing goals prior to investing in PR. PR is, in essence, an  extension of marketing. You would never leave on a trip without a destination;  make your marketing goals your PR destination. PR should also encompass a part  of your business plan. What is the company trying to accomplish  overall? Align your strategies and goals accordingly.
  • Target audiences appropriately. If you are selling hearing  aid batteries, you may want to rent a billboard near a hospital, not the one by  the local university . Understanding your target audience – who they are, where  they are, what they need and want – is crucial to maximizing your PR and  marketing dollars.

Overall, the best tip is to construct your business practices, ethics, and PR  strategies to ensure that people are always saying good things about your  business. Sharing content, ideas and news that’s helpful to your core audiences  is a great way to ensure that happens – and that PR is working for your  company.


20 things PR is NOT

It is important for PR pros to educate others about what we can do for organizations.

This means explaining how our work benefits bottom-line goals. Part of this is showing and telling people what PR is and isn’t.

Here is a quick checklist of what PR is not:

1. The department whose sole purpose is to write, edit, and hawk press releases.

2. The business function whose only raison d’etre is publicity.

3. A business function that deals with the media and/or bloggers and NOTHING else.

4. A way to get free advertising—pure and simple.

5. Ever guaranteed to generate coverage.

6. Ever 100 percent controllable.

7. A profession filled entirely with unctuous jackasses.

8. Journalism’s peon.

9. A highly scientific discipline.

10. A craft that has figured out—with any sort of consensus—how its true organizational value should be measured.

11. A business function from which many CEOs emerge.

12. A profession whose practitioners have sound knowledge of business fundamentals.

13. The vocation that idiots who could not make it as journalists go into.

14. Always best carried out by former journalists.

15. The only place to house social media.

16. A complex voodoo priesthood that can only be carried out by geniuses with tons of experience.

17. Capable of whitewashing all sins.

18. A profession whose practitioners are all adept at speaking plain English.

19. Necessarily or invariably the adversary of media.

20. A synonym for spin.



Terrence J & Will Packer show off their BE Magazine covers!


Will Packer- BEhind the Scenes with BE Magazine

Will Packer (Rainforest Films) & Terrence J (106 & Park) are gearing up for ‘Think Like A Man’ and are celebrating their style on the upcoming double cover of BE Entertained Magazine. Both Will & Terrence are passionate about the movie project and are equally as proud to grace the cover of BE, which releases nationwide on March 26th.

In the Issue, Terrence & Will both discuss the impact ‘Think Like A Man’ has not only made on them & their perspective careers, but the impact the film will also leave on everyone that hits the theaters on the weekend on 4/20 and the following weeks. In there equally stylish cover stories, the two dapper dons showcase just how BOSS they both are, getting fly from head to toe, draped in grown man attire.

BE Magazine’s Men’s Issue also has features on BET’s Stephen Hill, Akoo Clothing’s Jeff BElizaire, Shark Tank’s Daymond John, CLEONS Clothing, & plethora of other stories that’ll leave you thinking like a man…Visit for more information on BE Magazine’s Men’s Issue. Follow @TerrenceJ @WillPowerPacker & @BEmagazine on Twitter

‘Think Like A Man’s’ Will Packer & Terrence J Cover BE Magazine’s Men’s Issue

Will Packer (Rainforest Films) & Terrence J (106 & Park) are gearing up for ‘Think Like A Man‘ and are celebrating their style on the upcoming double cover of BE Entertained Magazine. Both Will & Terrence are passionate about the movie project and are equally as proud to grace the cover of BE, which releases nationwide on March 26th.

In the Issue, Terrence & Will both discuss the impact ‘Think Like A Man‘ has not only made on them & their perspective careers, but the impact the film will also leave on everyone that hits the theaters on the weekend on 4/20 and the following weeks. In there equally stylish cover stories, the two dapper dons showcase just how BOSS they both are, getting fly from head to toe, draped in grown man attire.

BE Magazine’s Men’s Issue also has features on BET’s Stephen Hill, Akoo Clothing’s Jeff BElizaire, Shark Tank’s Daymond JohnCLEONS Clothing, & plethora of other stories that’ll leave you thinking like a man…Visit for more information on BE Magazine’s Men’s Issue.

Follow @TerrenceJ @WillPowerPacker & @BEmagazine on Twitter

Prominence Marketing Group to Host Webinar on Personal Branding

Industry Expert Keisha McCotry shares best practices for personal branding with the “BRAND ME PLEASE” live webinar

July 25, 2011-Los Angeles, CA -Prominence Marketing Group, today announced that it will host a live Webinar on September 4, 2011 at 4pm EST. The event, entitled “BRAND ME PLEASE,” will focus on enhancing your personal brand. The session will feature Keisha McCotry, Principal of Prominence Marketing Group – and will address topics including:

  • How to evaluate your current brand
  • Identify ways to strengthen and improve your brand
  • Develop plans and tactics for implementation of your brand
  • Identify the essential building blocks of a successful brand
  • Create a gripping brand position
  • Conduct marketing research to evaluate brand progress
  • Grow your professional network
  • Become known as an “expert” in your field
  • Social Media Branding: Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and LinkedIn!

“We all need to understand the importance of personal branding. We are CEOs of our own companies and to be successful today, we have to increase our personal brand,” said McCotry. “Our key objective for this Webinar is to provide participates with useful information to allow them to most effectively use the strategies to increase their personal brand image.”

For event details and registration, please visit:

Follow Prominence Marketing Group on Twitter at:

About Prominence Marketing Group

Prominence Marketing Group (PMG) is a next-generation communications agency. Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, PMG is able to propel clients and their brands farther. In addition to traditional media and corporate relations, Prominence Marketing Group specializes in social media, digital marketing and creative services. PMG works with organizations to implement integrated communications programs on a national scale. PMG works with leading and emerging brands across multiple sectors, including wine & spirits, consumer, government, entertainment, healthcare, legal, non-profit, travel, and fashion. PMG has offices in Atlanta and Los Angeles. For additional information visit our website

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